W: Cold


PAX:Bartman, GoDaddy, Chumbucket, Olan, SubPrime, Cardinal, Rusty Jaquiss FNG NKA Wet Willie, Beater, Brutus, ChickenWing, Crabcake, GOAT, Meatgazer, Ambien, Goose 2xrespect, MiniVan, SpaghettiO, Hermanos, Weinstein

QIC: Junior Varsity AKA JV

Warm Up

10 Merkins/10 Squats/25 LBC’s

11’s Box Jumps/Dips

1 Long Lap as hard as you can (about .2 miles)

Burpee Broad Jump to Stop Sign (.1 miles)

Bear Crawl to 278 (.1 miles)

Crab Walk back to Stop Sign (.1 miles)

Loop around Kroger to Pavilion (.25 miles)

Partner up by size

Buddy Drag to end of the Field and Flapjack

COP for Captain Thor

1 Big Boy Sit Up/4 Hammers, 2/8, 3,12, 4/16…10/40

Suicides on Field with 10 Merkins at SP

Despite a secret mutiny YHC was able to overcome his heartbreak and give the Men with the intestinal fortitude to face the Gloom on this cold Tuesday morning.  Perhaps it was in anticipation of Brutus dance party, a long weekend or a rough lock up at The Brig on Monday that drove their break from the ranks.  Maybe they were simply getting a run in between bootcamp days or they just didn’t want spend 45 minutes in the Gloom with YHC.  Those that came got some!  Welcome to FNG Rusty NKA Wet Willie.  Great push by all Men.  Plenty of #mumblechatter.

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