Impromptu Pyramid of Pain

Date:  Thursday Feb 22, 2019

Pax:  Cardinal, Musk, Brutus, Sharknado, Hermanos, Go Daddy, Squid, Shingles, Chumbucket, JV, Bartman, Schnitzel, Hardhat, Spaulding, Nae Nae, Weinstein, Beater, Ambien (QIC)

Conditions:  Cool, cloudless morning at the Yacht Club.

The Thang:


25 SSH

3 burpees

15 TTT

3 burpees

15 IW

3 burpees

15 AC (forward)

3 burpees

15 AC (backward)

3 burpees

Mosey around apartments and into parking garage for Pyramid of Pain Round 1. Do the following in order from the bottom up:

10 burpees

20 merkins

30 big boys

40 squats

50 mt climbers

40 reverse lunges

30 SSH

20 plank jacks

10 derkins

Mosey to Veteran’s park for Pyramid of Pain Round 2. Do list from top down.

Mosey to Pavilion for round of abbreviated Lt Dan

2 squats, 8 reverse lunges

4 squats, 16 reverse lunges

6 squats, 24 reverse lunges

8 squats, 32 reverse lunges

10 squats, 40 reverse lunges

Jailbreak to Flag


30 fast flutters


Announcements:  Sell sponsorships for P200.

Prayers:  Meatgazer and wife – new son!

Schnitzel’s daughter

Thoughts:  We don’t know God’s plan and we can be very frustrated by what happens in our lives.  However, we can’t control everything in our lives and must trust in Him to know the way.  Have faith and be positive.  God is watching over us all.

Ambien, out.

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