When we’re done…

DATE: 2.25.19

CONDITIONS: 48 degrees, L&V SSW

PAX: Bartman (respect), Schnitzel (respect), Radar, Spaulding, Hardhat, Brutus, Shingles, MiniVan, Ambien, Squid-QIC


-Mosey to the basketball court behind the Rec Ctr, while listening to Hardhat talk about his night of WWE engagement.

-Disclaimer about not being trained, professional, or capable

-SSH x 35 IC

-TTT x 10 IC

-IW x 15 IC

-Mosey to the bars


-Escalator up to 10 w/ BBSU

5 x Pull Ups

1 x BBSU

5 x Pull Ups

2 x BBSU

5 x Pull Ups

3 x BBSU

5 x Pull Ups

4 x BBSU

Continue until you finish with 10 x BBSU.

-Mosey back to basketball court behind Rec Ctr.

-Suicide with 20 x BBSU on the baseline to finish.

-Suicide with 10 x BBSU on the half court line and 20 x BBSU on baseline to finish.

-Suicide with 10 x BBSU at each line, 20 x BBSU on baseline, then immediately do another Suicide.

-Mosey back to the SF, circle up.

4 MOM (pointless, though)

-Legs extended, heels 6in off the deck, one PAX counts out Flutters x 10 while others do leg lifts. Once each PAX has counted out Flutters x 10, RECOVER.



-Thankfulness for Schnitzel’s resolve.

-Thankfulness for Jackson William Cody.

-Many unspoken.


-Big Al’s VQ debut was planned. He reached out early Sunday and had to change up due to a family medical emergency…he’ll set up a re-sched date soon (work schedule dictates that we usually just see him on Run Day and Sat but Big Al completed Sat’s CSAUP like a champ. WELL DONE!).

-On the mosey back to the AO, we passed the SF and made a short detour with unexpected turns…kind of like life, right? Work on training your mind that we are done when we’re done; not at the flag, not at the appointed time (though, we respect our times). What if, in life, you envision the finish line and push to that geographic point, only to find that it’s a mirage…once you’re there, it moves? Maintain your MOMENTUM, through the POINT OF IMPACT, until some HIM let’s you know the it’s cool to be done.

The opportunity to lead a group like this is an honor and privilege, always.

Squid, OUT!


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