Pectoralis Major and Triceps Brachii Pounding

2-27-19 @ The Brig.

59 Degrees and perfect.


On Deck: Hard Hat (QIC), Spaulding, Nae Nae, Harmanos, Radar, Schnitzel, Musk, Mini Van, Foreskin (FNG).


Warm Up: 25 SSH, 10 TTT, 10 Arm Circles Forward, 10 Arm Circles Reverse, 20 Air Presses, 10 Imperial Walkers, 10 Hillbillies, 10 Hairy Rockets, 10 Temp Merkins.


The Thang:  Mosey across the street to the covered walkway for 11’s.  On one end start with 1 dip on the dip bars, run the length of the covered walkway for 10 merkins.   Repeat until numbers are reversed.  This was a longer run than normal for 11’s.  We utilized most of our allotted time.  Mosey back over the flag for a couple minutes of Mary.  Total run distance was 3.1 miles.   This was an ass kicker especially utilizing the dip bars.

Mary:  30 LBC’s on your own, 25 Flutters, 25 Hello Dollies, Low plank, high plank, right arm up and then left arm up.

Proud to lead this group this morning.  All positive and pushing one another!  I was proud to bring my brother out this morning for his FNG workout.  Not sure if he likes his name but its to late now!  He is in the construction business and the unions refer to their foremans as foreskin (slang).  I thought it was spot on!

Prayers:  Young 5 year old at St.Francis Catholic School diagnosed with cancer, Schnitzel’s family and Musk’s travels next week.

Announcements:  Happy Hour this evening 5:30 at Street Meat!


Hard Hat Out!

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