The Squid CSAUP

25 PAX gathered at the old shrimp boat MOB AO at 5:00 am for Jacob’s Ladder. The conditions were absolutely perfect.

PAX: Peaches, Dabo, Joker, Big Spur, Buckeye, Gambit, Whippoorwill , Updike, Stones, Swanson, Squealer, Sawed Off, Judy, Diapers, Chumbucket , Goose, Big Al, JV, Schnitzel, MiniVan, Bartman, Cullen (FNG), Sanchez (FNG), Collins (FNG), Yoda

After a quick disclaimer, story time, and trying to figure out why JV was in attendance, the PAX got to it.

The Squid:

Jacob’s Ladder to 20. What goes up must come down.

The pax started with .25 mile mosey followed by 1 burpee, .25 mile mosey followed by 2 burpees… up to 20 and back down to 1.

Total: 400 burpees and 10 miles.

The Squid is not complete without sounding the airhorn.

The Squid started easy enough. As inappropriate music blared from a speaker resting on a swing, the the PAX began their journey. There was a lot of chatter as pace groups began to form. As the laps went by, the chatter lessened and the music ceased. Pace groups formed and reformed as the burpee burden increased. The one constant was Peaches and Dabo pushing through the burpees under the glow of the street light. As night turned to day, the airhorn began to sound. In a surprisingly short period of time, all PAX had completed The Squid.

T-Claps: It is hard to narrow down the T-claps on this one. Everyone gave it maximum effort.

  1. Squealer. He came out ready to go and suffered an unfortunate injury early on. Despite the injury, he kept going as long as he could. Well Done Squealer. Now go rest…. you have the P200 in 3 weeks.
  2. Schnitzel. The guy wore a hockey jersey. Schnitzel: 1. All other PAX: 0.
  3. Chumbucket, Buckeye and Gambit. From what YHC observed, these three did every single burpee, push-up included.
  4. Goose. Respect Respect!
  5. The street crew. Despite having plush carpet like turf to lessen the blow of the burpees, a large number of PAX stuck to the pavement and/or dirt. Well done. Yoda looked like he rolled around in the mud.
  6. Updike. Pretty sure he started blood doping on lap 20. He was gone…
  7. Squid and Joker. No quit. Just no quit in those guys.
  8. JV. Run 28 miles, complete The Squid. Sick.
  9. Whippoorwill. Thank you for sprinting past YHC every.single.lap.
  10. Diapers. Steady steady steady. No complaints. Gets the job done.
  11. All PAX: Great to see the encouragement on the course Saturday morning. There is nothing “fun” about 400 burpees and 10 miles of running, but getting it done is a great accomplishment IMO. Thank you TYC/Brig for showing up big. Thank you Al for coming out and bringing Chip, Sanchez and Cullen with you. We hope they come back.
  12. Honorable Mention T-Clap to Shingles. He was prepared, he just failed to come prepared.

Great Work PAX. I challenge TYC to set up the next CSAUP event. The MOB/Buck will be there.

The patches have been ordered and shipped to each of you, and you should receive your imaginary patch in the mail shortly.

Always a pleasure,

Judge Judy


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