Cold, Wet, CMUs

Date: 3/5/19 @ The Yacht Club

Wet, Cold CMUs

12 PAX: Squid, Spaulding, JV, Chumbucket, Bartman, Brutus, Crabcake, GoDaddy, Beater, Sharknado, Narco (QIC),

Conditions: Raining, 49 degrees, perfect day for blocks

Disclaimer: Not a professional. Workout at your own risk. Push yourself. Push the guy next to you

Warm up:

  • SSH x 25
  • TTT x 15
  • ACF x 10
  • ACB x 10
  • Squats x 50 OYO
  • Mosey around the parking lot with 5 stops. Diamond Mercans x 20 at each stop

The Thang:

  • Block Burpees with 2 Overhead Presses x 10
  • Curls x 10
  • Run across the field
  • Dips x 50
  • Repeat, decrementing by 1 for Burpees and Curls each lap and by 5 for Dips each lap. Total – Burpees & Curls x 55, Dips x 275




  • P200 Sponsorships

Prayer Requests:

  • Musk and Family
  • Brutus’s daughter – cold/fever
  • Family of Mallory Beach

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