No Q Wednesday

Date: 3/13/19

No Q Wednesday

PAX: MiniVan, Cousin Eddie (Respect), Radar, Snipe, Brutus, Shingles

Conditions: Clear, 50 degrees, perfect morning

Disclaimer: Untrained – push yourself, push the guy next to you


● SSH x 15

● TTT x 10

● ACF x 15

● ACB x 15

● IW x 15

The Thang:

● Always have a workout (Or 2) in your pocket

● Cousin Eddie the traveling F3 man gets to pick Workout A or B

○ He chose A

● Radar gets to choose with or without…

○ He chose with

● PAX go to token pile and each grab 2 tokens (to be carried for the remainder)

○ 5 x Absolution

○ 10 x Squat

○ 20 x Alternator

○ 5 x Pulse lunge each leg

○ 5 x big boys

● 2.3 miles with 7 stops along the way

Mary (With tokens)

● 20s needle hold (on back with legs, head and arms raised)

● 20s iron cross

● 20s bob




Announcements: Train for P200, Goat VQ at TYC on Thursday


● JV’s Tuesday workout…

● Brutus pointed out an Owl flying overhead…

● Cousin Eddie provides non-stop chatter…

● “Guilty of not being honest” was discussed – Bill Clinton answer

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