Hump Day DOD

PAX:Rachel Ray, Ray, Spur, Ballcock, Cowbell, Gambit, Buckeye, Diapers QIC

Conditions: 53 deg.  Partly cloudy no sand gnats

Disclaimer: Looks can be deceiving – QIC is not a trained professional trainer…of anything.  Participate at your own risk but if you do participate, push one another…be tryers!


SSH IC x 30

TTT x 15 IC

IW x 15 IC

AC IC x 15 (both ways)

Mosey around the track and back to basketball court and circle up


Deck of Death with Merkins, Plank jacks, Big boys & Jump squats x 102 each (lots of good critique here from all Pax)

Jokers – Burpees x 40

Wild Card – Deuces  = 1 Lap around the track ( x 4)

1.5 MOM:

Flutters to finish….DONE!

COR/ NOR/ Announcements

Sell Signs, Carbo Diner


Car wreck on 278, Unspoken


Always a pleasure and privilege to Q this group.  I told my M again today how F3 has pushed me by being the accountability group I knew I needed and prayed for for many years.  Please remember how much we help each other and try your best to post.  We need each other – It is an intrinsic part of our DNA put there by the creator for His Glory.      


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