Merkins and Mary

Date: 3/18/19

QIC:  Buckeye

PAX:  Gambit, Cowbell, Ray, Dabo, Rachael Ray, Hair Clog, Joker, Ballcock, Swanson, Buckeye – QIC

Conditions: 43 degrees and clear and chilly

10 PAX set out to kick-off #P200 week with some yoga and light stretching.

Disclaimer:  YHC is not paid, not trained, and lacks skill, you are exercising at your own risk.


-SSH x 30 IC

-TTT x 20 IC  #crowdpleaser

-Seal Jack x 25 IC

-Windmill x 20 IC  #gambitpleaser

-Copperhead Squat x 20 IC

-TTT x 20 IC  #crowdpleaser

-Hill Billies x 20 IC

-Windmill x 20 IC  #gambitpleaser

-Tempo Merkin x 10 IC


-Makhtar N’diaye x 10 IC


-Mosey the path x 1 lap


Mucho Chesto

-Merkin x 10 Single Count (Q calls “down” and PAX count rep on the way up)

-Diamond Merkin x 10 SC

-Wide Merkin x 10 SC

-Stagger Left Merkin x 10 SC

-Stagger Right Merkin x 10 SC


-In and Outs x 20 IC

-Seal Jacks x 20 IC

-Crunchy Frog x 20 IC

Mosey the path x 3 laps

Mucho Chesto

-Hand Release Merkin x 10, Crucible Merkin x 10, Ranger Merkin x 10 (an ode to Semper Fi), Wide Merkin x 10, Hand Release Merkin x 10


-Plank-o-Rama with air humper x 20 IC tossed in for Joker

Mosey the path x 1 lap

Mucho Chesto

-Tempo Merkin x 10, Diamond Merkin x 10, Stagger Left x 10, Stagger Right x 10, Tempo Merkin x 10


-Superman / Ironman / Spiderman x 120 seconds

-Flutterkick x 50 IC and DONE!


-Announcements, prayer requests, and Shout Out.

-Sell signs.

-Carb Load Dinner on Wednesday.

-Gambit with your P200 friendly Wednesday Q with continued light stretching.

-Always step up to Q.  Q sheet is open for Thursday & Saturday, hold down the fort during the P200.


-Great men and great work this AM, it was a pleasure to lead.


Buckeye Out



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