Great DECK…

DATE: 3.30.19

CONDITIONS: 55 degrees, 7-10kts S, clear…and near perfect.

PAX: Goose, Schnitzel, Cookies, Bartman, Chumbucket, Smog, Brutus, Spicoli, Manhole (welcome, visitor!) Squid-QIC

DISCLAIMER: YHC is not certified and barely qualified to lead this workout. All ARE exercising at their own risk. 


YHC intended to begin with a Mosey but, there needed to be a bit of a delay to allow Schnitzel time to clear his head call. He showed up for #QSource, modification granted.

TTT x 10

IW x 15

Mosey to the uppermost level of the parking garage.


We have a deck of cards, distributed among the PAX. Each suit represents an exercise, the number of reps are dictated by the number on the card.

2= 2 reps

3=3 reps…oh, nevermind. F3 men don’t do 4 or 5 of anything. The deck is all face cards, aces and jokers.

Jack=11 reps

Queen=12 reps

King=13 reps

Ace=15 reps

Jokers= wild…two of them said 5x each exercise, two said long lap (down the ladder well, run up the ramp), and two said suicide.


Hearts-Speed Skaters (with finger snaps)

Clubs-Crunchy Frogs

Diamonds-Squats (four count, prisoner style, whatever the Q calls)

Mosey back to the flag.


WELCOME to visitor  Manhole (unfortunately, he was not there to hear it, he was awaiting MEDEVAC after sustaining an injury during the deck).



-Healing and traveling mercies for Manhole and his family.



I’ve missed being at a Saturday workout for months. The tone is different; even if PAX are pushed for time, it’s usually a commitment to be at a sports field or something else fun. The mumblechatter is always stellar.

Please finish strong on the fundraising effort of our P200 teams. We need to collect ALL pledge checks ASAP.

#TCLAPS to Brutus for driving back to pick up Manhole. I will update the group when I know something.

As always, leading a group of men with this caliber of character is very humbling.

Squid, OUT!


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