The Day Stones Forgot His Gloves

Date: April 1, 2019 The Day of Fools

Conditions: 55 Degrees, Clear and Windy (the warmest it’ll be all day)

PAX: Gambit, Diapers, Dabo, Urkel, Stones, Rachael Ray, Yo-Yo Ma, Buckeye, Joker and Swanson

Disclaimer: YHC is an overweight middle-aged man that is not a professionally trained anything. Exercise at your own risk, don’t get hurt, it’s not my fault. Make sure to push the man next to you.

Warm Up:

100 Burpees on your own
SSH x 20
TTT x 15
Mosey to Bridge and Pritchard, tempo merkins x 15
Mosey to Bridge and Boundary, arm circles x 15 each way
Mosey to Nickel Pumpers, squats x 50 OYO
Mosey to Red Fish, lunges x 30 OYO
Mosey to Bus Lot  Entrance

The Thang:

Partner up, head over to pick up coupons, one per team
Head over to the bus loop for a new thing I like to call the Billy and Benny. Big Boy sit ups facing your partner with your legs close together and pass coupon back a forth with each rep) 5 times x 20, run a lap between each rep.

Return coupons to their rest place

Mosey to the b-ball court.

Suicides – Partner 1 runs a suicide while partner 2 sits on the wall. 2 times

Mary – on the b-ball court, in rapid fire, each Pax calls out the rep going around in a circle and do 10 reps.



  • Always the Unspoken
  • Urkle – He’s been devoting a lot of his time to helping so many young boys and girls, he’s feeling like he’s not devoting enough time to his own. (Something all of probably feel)


Since it’s April Fools, it’s only fitting that I play a joke on the group. The first warm-up called was 100 burpees OYO. Dabo started to walk away saying he was going to get coffee and never return. After I let everyone in on the joke, he seemed better, but he kept an eye on me.

As we were exiting the MOB, Stones comes rolling in on 2-wheels, I guess his alarm clock was off by 3 minutes. I asked him if he had gloves…. he said he didn’t need them #RookieMistake.

There was plenty of mumble chatter during the warm-up from Gambit (as usual).

The partner sit-ups with the concrete block came to me yesterday and i thought it was a good idea… it was terrible. I brought 5 extra pair of gloves just in case. I think Stones was wishing he had gloves at this point.

It was a pleasure to Q for this group of men.

Swanson Out

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