PAX: Ball Cock, Yo Yo Ma, Urkel, Big Spur, FNG Harbaugh!, Peaches, Judy (QIC)

Weather: Perfect.




SSH x 10

2 Merkins

AC x 10

4 M

AC Rev x 10

6 M

TTT x 10

8 M



SSH x 10

12 Merkins

AC x 15

14 M

AC Rev x 15

16 M

TTT x 10

18 M (Q called out 20, but the Pax knew better)




DORA: 150 M, 250 LBC, 300 Squat

11s, Dips/Merkins


Tempo M x 10

Plank hold


Announcements: Be on the lookout for info on a Good Friday workout by Urkel. Pain stations-a-plenty.

Prayer Requests: Unspoken.


  1. If you have been to the beacon, you understand my “a-plenty” reference.
  2. Welcome to F3 Harbaugh!. After 3 years of EHing it was good to see you out there, keep it up.
  3. For all future Qs, it is Harbaugh! not Harbaugh. Emphasis added and intended.
  4. It was raining every direction from 4:55-5:10, and hardly a drop during the workout. The Buck > TYC.
  5. On December 31, 2016, Clemson beat Ohio State 31 to 0.
  6. Complaints were made about Buckeye’s Saturday workout, but LET IT BE KNOWN, Big Spur was not sore on Sunday. Step it up Buckeye.


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