5 whiskeys, 1 Zima


CONDITIONS: 48 degrees, 7-10kts NW, rain

PAX: Radar, Schnitzel, Chumbucket, MiniVan, Brutus, Squid-QIC

DISCLAIMER: Q is not trained or certified, all are working out at their own risk


TTT x 10 IC

IW x 15 IC

Line up, 1/2 mile Indian Run to Veteran’s Memorial Park

Merkins x 50 OYO

Line up, 1/2 mile Indian Run back to AO


Blackjack: total reps on each round will equal 21

Run to the stop sign, 20 x Mountain Climbers

return to start, 1 x BBSU

19, 2…..18,3……17,4…..continue until the counts reverse

Finish up with 15 x BBSU




-MiniVan’s upcoming surgery

-Brutus has some large work projects

-Injured brothers



It was cold and windy when I arrived but it looked as if the rain was holding off. It was; it held off until the warm-up was complete then opened up with a steady cool soaking. It was a great reminder to all PAX present how fortunate we are to only endure this type of weather in small doses.

The rain was an aggravation, except to Brutus, who ran comfortably under the awning that covers the sidewalk. When time had expired, Brutus described it best: it was like when you go out with your buddies and everyone orders a whiskey…except for the one guy who gets a Zima. Brutus said that he as good with the Zima.

It’s always considered a privilege to lead this group. See for yourself.

Squid, OUT!




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