Suicide Burpees


W:  Wet, but not raining.  Mild temp

PAX: GoDaddy, SpaghettiO, Goose (Respect, Respect), Shingles, Brutus, GOAT, Ambien, SubPrime, NaeNae, Crabcake, Musk, Spalding, Chumbucket and Spicoli (Respect)

We warmed up with 50 SSH’s, a few Merkins and Squats.  Then we split into two groups to do a set of 11’s.

Pull Ups and Box Jumps with one group starting on each and sprinting to the next station.  It kept us from getting too congested on the pull up bars.

Next we moseyed to the Field for some Burpee Suicides along the trees.

Sprint to 1st tree and knock out 1 Burpee then Sprint to start line.

Sprint to 2nd tree and do 2 Burpees then back to line…no rest between and OYO until the end of the field and start back at the first tree until you get to 10 Burpees.  Then start coming back down.

We finished it off around the SF with 50 Ray Lewis for Spicoli’s 50th Birthday.

Shingles working on help for Nicki.  Be on the lookout for information on Facebook and help on Saturday if you can.



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