Twinkle, Twinkle Little (Death) Star

PAX: Wet Wipes, Flat Tire, DQ, Urkel, Ball Cock, Cow Bell, Big Spur, Ray, Joker, Coach K, Harbaugh, Dabo, Sawed Off (QIC), Bill Nye (FNG).

Conditions: 60 degrees, overcast, no wind, light due on the ground.

Disclaimer: Not a pro, purpose is to get better, try to do every rep but improvise if necessary.

Warm Up: SSH x 50, TTT x 20, mosey

Thang: Meet at midfield of football field. Begin with 15 merkins, jog to sideline for 15 dirty dogs (each leg), return to midfield for 15 merkins. Jog to corner of endzone and do 15 squats. Return to midfield for 15 merkins, etc, etc. Continue in death star pattern featuring V-Ups, mountain climbers, lunges (each leg), BBSUs. AMRAP.

Reconvene at midfield for last 15 merkins, lineup, snake the bleachers. Every step, every other step, every step, every other step. Return to pad, plank.


Announcements: Urkel is leading “Pain Stations of the Cross”, a Good Friday CSAUP after run day tomorrow. Also, in August, a GrowRuck will be taking place in Georgia at Riddler’s church. See Urkel for more details. Get sponsor contributions in to Stones ASAP. All Bluffton and HHI PAX are welcome to post in Pooler, message DQ for additional info. Convergence at Alliance Roofing on Saturday at 8:00am to support and help the Minkler family. Many hands make for light work. Contact Shingles with questions.

Prayers: unspoken


  1. Welcome Bill Nye (Matt Vause)! All PAX: please be aware that he’ll be conducting ostarine screenings on a weekly basis from here forth.
  2. Today’s Q was a throwback and homage to Michael Bolton, the PAX that introduced the death star at the buck a while back.
  3. Specificity is the key to good communication. I’ll remember that when explaining expectations for dirty dog, mountain climbers, lunges etc. Our PAX seem to need quite a bit of direction.
  4. This QIC has been exceedingly lazy since conclusion of P200. Tip of the cap to Dabo for the encouragement to get back out.
  5. Bleachers and disenchanted PAX seem to go together like mac and cheese.
  6. Gambit has posted some good stuff on the FB page lately. The message about vulnerability stuck with me. Trust in your fellow PAX, allow them to lift you up and do the same for others.
  7. Turkey season seems to be slow. No reports of “the pink mist.”
  8. In case it ever comes up, Wet Wipes is always the big spoon.
  9. Always a pleasure to lead.

Sawed Off out!

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