Calhoun St. Suicide Escalator

PAX: Porky, Rachel Ray, Gambit, Slim Shady, Cockaboose, Swanson,  Wet Wipes, Big Spur, Peaches, Diapers (QIC)

Weather: Really nice

Disclaimer:  YHC is not qualified or trained professional  – push yourself and each other

Warm up:

SSH x 30 IC

IW x 15 IC

TTT x 15 IC

AC x 15 IC (both ways)

Hand Release Burpee x 5 OYO

Mosey to the Calhoun Street Dock

Thang: Suicide Escalator

Start on Dock hand release burpees x 5

Run to Water Street – Mt. Climbers x 10 (1/2 per leg)

Run back to Dock and start over – HRB x 5, Water St. MC x 10

Continue suicide run starting at Dock each time escalating each time to:

Allen St. – Merkins x 20

Bridge St. – Lunges x 30 (1 per leg)

Green St. – Squats x 40 (legs hurt)

Lawrence St. – SSH x 50

Lawton St. – LBC x 60 (Did not make it)

Church St. – Flutters x 70 (Did not make it)

Most Pax made it to at least one round of SSH on Lawrence St. before we indian run back to the AO and plank up for 30 seconds.




Announcements: None

Prayers: For Porky’s client his ex-wife and daughter going through difficult time, unspoken


Good work fellas.  I need to tweak that a little for time but it was a good effort by all.

-Boose is killin it!

-Wet wipes and Gambit did 130 SSH to start the day

-Shady does not like lunges

-Always fun when Porky makes an appearance – come back more often buddy!

-That aluminum dock caught hell this morning

Thanks for letting me lead this morning fellas.  Always a privilege getting better with you all.  We have to take advantage of these mild weather days while we can.  The heat is coming fast!  Diapers out.



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