The Day Schnitzel Had a Baby During Mary

PAX: Cookies, Ambien, Squid, Schnitzel, Buckeye, Spaulding, NeNe, QIC Stones

Disclaimer: I am not a trained professional.  Exercise at your own risk.

Warmup: SSH x 25 IC, TTH x 20 IC, Mosey to the rec center loop (0.5miles)

The Thang:


Round 1: Merkins/V-Ups

21 merkin, 21 v-ups, 200 m run

18 merkin, 18 v-ups, 200 m run

15 merkin, 15 v-ups, 200 m run

12 merkin, 12 v-ups, 200 m run

9 merkin, 9 v-ups, 200 m run

6 merkin, 6 v-ups, 200 m run

3 merkin, 3 v-ups, 200 m run

Round 2: Squats/LBC

3 squats, 3 LBC, 200 m run

6 squats, 6 LBC, 200 m run

9 squats, 9 LBC, 200 m run

12 squats, 12 LBC, 200 m run

15 squats, 15 LBC, 200 m run

18 squats, 18 LBC, 200 m run

21 squats, 18 LBC, 200 m run

Mosey to the flag (0.5miles)

Mary :

Freddie Mercury x 25 IC

American Hammer x 25 IC

Flutters x 25 IC

1 min plank


Prayers – Thanksgiving for this group of men and the accountability that comes with it.  Unspoken.  That we can lead in whatever role we serve in the community.

Moleskin – Congrats to Schnitzel on the birth of his baby during Mary.  13 lbs, 9 oz. #disturbing

Good push by all.  It was an honor to lead you guys this morning.


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