Chumbucket Looks at 40

Conditions: Perfect. You couldn’t ask for a better morning to workout.

PAX: Ambien, Spicoli, (respect), Bartman (respect), Spaghetti-O, Mr. Woodchuck (Visitor from Jacksonville), Spaulding, Lamont (respect), Goose (respect x 2), Nae Nae, Smog, Cookies (respect), FNG Back Porch, Shingles (Co-Q), Chumbucket Q

Disclaimer: Not trained professional, push yourself and the man next to you.

Warm Up:

SSH x 49

TTT x 10

Imperial Walkers x 15

Arm Circles 15 Forward, 10 Backward

Mosey to the Blocks

Gather one block and proceed to mosey 1 mile loop around mall complex with a few stops to plank for the six and back to flag.

The Thang:

40×4 – 40 reps of 4 exercises with block (Curls, Dirkins, Squats, BBS (without block))

Run small loop (.5 miles) with block

Repeat until time called. The goal is 4 sets, push yourself.

Mary by Shingles:

American Hammers x 40

Flutters x 49

Have a Nice Day!




Big thank you from Shingles for all the help with Nikki

Spaulding is setting up 2nd F events for May.


Watch over the PAX with any unspoken prayers

Prayers for Squid and family issues

Prayers for kids and parents going to prom this weekend


Welcome FNG Back Porch!

I wanted to use the blocks again for birthday fun but thought it would be better to no push them across the parking lot again. So, we got to carry them instead.

This was not a popular workout. However, the mumble chatter was at a minimum either because everyone was out of breath or out of respect for it being my birthday.

It is always a pleasure to lead this group of men!


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