Hamster Wheel

It was a perfect spring morning.  I pulled into the parking lot of the #MOB AO.  Admittedly I have been on the mend since the P200 and his CSAUP the weekend before it.  I wasn’t sure what to expect in turnout.  Two #HIM’s who never disappoint showed up in full spirit and muscled through the Devil’s Mile.

PAX: Diapers and Peaches


There were a few confirmed obligations out there.  I guess the rest of the MEN of Bluffton were out of town or perhaps in the #FARTSACK.

We did a little warm up of 25 SSH’s and 10 Merkins then hit the short loop of the track.

Bear Crawl .20 Mile

Burpee Broad Jump .20 Mile

Lunge .20 Mile

Sprint/Mosey .20 Mile

We called it short on the Crab Walk due to time and hit the swing set for a few Derkins and Rev Crunches with our feet in the swing.  2 Reps of Each x 5 Sets

We gathered at the SF for 20 Seal Jacks and 25 Arm Flutters.


Prayers for us being there.  Followed by Q Source at Corner Perk led by Diapers.




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