DATE: 4.29.19

CONDITIONS: 61 degrees, 0-5kts SSE

PAX: Big Spur, Cowbell, Rachel Ray, Ray, Joker, Stones, Buckeye, Junior Varsity, Dabo, Swanson, Hair Clog, Diapers, Squid-QIC

DISCLAIMER: Q is not trained or certified, you’re working out at your own risk.


-SSH x 30 IC (Diapers arrival, ceremonial planting of SF)

-Mosey to Nickel Pumpers

-TTT x 10 IC

-IW x 15 IC

-Mosey to Boundary to Bridge and Calhoun


-Working one block in each of the four directions from the intersection: exercises at the points of the cross are SSH, American Hammers, Plank Jacks, and V-Ups. Burpees x 5 every time you come back through the intersection.

-Divide into two teams and start at opposite points. Complete 50 reps of the exercise for your location, AYG to center for Burpees x 5 then Mosey to the next point. Teams must stay together, try to catch the other team. AMRAP

-Redistributing teams, Indian Run to Boundary, Bruin, Pritchard to SF.


-Flutters x 20 IC (by JV)



-#TheYachtClub 2nd anniversary will be celebrated by a convergence at Coligny Beach on the last Sat of May.

-The official communication frequency for all of F3 Nation is Twitter. After June 1, we should all have an account. There is no reason not to.

-Gratitude…we are fortunate men to live where we do, when we do, with one another.

-Peace, discernment and forgiveness for our nation, especially families effected by the synagogue shooting this past weekend.

-Many unspoken requests and concerns.


-I forgot how much I love working out in downtown Bluffton. It will happen more often.

-I forgot how fast Ray is.

-Stones modified NOTHING and still crushed the workout.

Being around you men is always fun, leading the workout is an honor that humbles me, every time.

Squid, OUT



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