F3 Alliteration – Buck’s Birthday Backblast

PAX: Squealer, Swanson, Urkel, Shocker, Joker, Yo Yo Ma, Harbaugh, Handy Manny, Stone, Ray, Big Spur, Peaches, Dabo, Kiffin, Roker (welcome back), TP, Sawed Off (QIC)

The #Buck turned 3 today. Let’s celebrate in style.

Conditions: A comfortable 67 degrees, clear.

Disclaimer: Not a trained professional. Push yourself, push the man next to you, don’t cheat reps, don’t cheat the exercise. Don’t get hurt.Principle 1: Workouts are for ALL MEN. (Per Buckeye)

Warm-up: SSH x 50 IC, TTT x 25 IC, Alternating Shoulder Tap Merkins x ? IC, Jumping Knee Slap x 25 OYO, Monkey Humpers x 25 IC, MoseyPrinciple 2: All Workouts are FREE

Thang: One of the best attributes of F3 is reliance on your brother, accountability to your brother and encouragement of you brother. Partner up for Tammy Wynettes. 100 merkins (per man), 100 squats (per man), alternating intervals of 10.

Mosey to half wall. Partner up for Tammy Wynettes. 100 dips (per man), 100 lunges (per man), alternating intervals of 10.

Shuffle to opposite wall. Partner up for Tammy Wynettes. 150 BBSU (total), wall sit, alternating intervals of 10.

Mosey back to the pad.

Dirty Dogs x 15 OYO (each leg)

Flutters x 30 IC

Al Gore x 45 seconds



Prayers Requests: None

Announcements: Urkel loves the orginal BuckBlast composed by Stones titled “the Buck stops here!”


  1. “Everything hurts and I’m dying.” – YHC
  2. Joker and Shocker have offered to plan and host this season’s first hurricane party. They’ve got plenty of mutual experience.
  3. Squealer and Big Spur aren’t allowed to partner anymore. They got pretty riled up discussing insurance premiums and damage estimates.
  4. Swanson is not on board with Jumping Knee Slaps. Nor lunges.
  5. It’s an equine world Dabo, we’re all just living in it.

My introduction to F3 about 18 months ago has reshaped me as a man and person. I was out of shape, both physically and spiritually, had a very limited social network and placed more focus on work than just about anything else. The acceptance in to and support from this group has not only changed me in body, it’s made me better emotionally, mentally and professionally. Some of that is credited to self discipline; most of it is credited to you, my brothers.

Sawed Off Out.

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