Jacob’s Ladder

Simpson, Buckeye, Compost, Ray, Sawed Off, Joker, Big Spur, Ball Cock, Madoff, Harbaugh!, TP, Cowbell, Pedialyte, Shocker, Roker, Judge Judy (QIC)



SSH x 10 IC

2 Merkins

AC x 10 IC

4 M

AC x 10 Rev IC

6 M

TTT x 10 IC

8 M

Windmill x 10 IC

10 M

SSH x 10 IC

12 M

AC x 10 IC

14 M

AC x 10 Rev IC

16 M

TTT x 10 IC

18 M

Windmill x 10 IC

20 M

Mosey to Bus Loop


Jacob’s Ladder around the Bus Loop: Run Loop, one burpee, run loop, 2 burpees….up to 7 burpees and back down.

Mosey to Pad


10 TM (slow count)

Announcements: If one of your sponsors has not paid, please follow up. Check with Stones for those that have not paid.

Prayer Requests: Thanksgiving for this group and returning FNG Pedialyte and long time F3er Simpson.


  1. Sorry for all the running.
  2. Not really sorry.
  3. Compost has less than a week to get in beach body shape for his cruise to the Bahamas. Expect him to post everyday.
  4. Compost has a tough conversation coming with his M today as he promised Big Spur this morning that he is now his plus one on the above mentioned cruise.
  5. T-Claps to TP for digging deep and posting this morning despite the lack of his support crew.
  6. Emerson is TP’s support crew.
  7. Simpson only got faster with each lap of Jacob’s Ladder this morning. Good work Simpson.
  8. Work was done this morning. Great to see pax pushing each other throughout the workout. That is what it is all about.
  9. Good push by Whippoorwill this morning.


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