No shoulders, no shoes, no worries

DATE: 5.13.19

CONDITIONS: 74 degrees, still, high humidity

PAX: Smog, Cookies, Radar, Schnitzel, Junior Varsity, Spicoli, MiniVan, Spaulding, Hardhat, Brutus, Hermanos (honorable mention for showing up), Squid-QIC

Hermanos announces that he has forgotten his shoes and refuses to participate barefooted.

DISCLAIMER: There is no trained/certified person present, you are participating at your own risk.


Slow Mosey to HHES drop off

TTT x 10 IC

IW x 15 IC

Hillbillies x 15 IC

Mosey to basketball court behind IRC


Pax line up along the sideline and complete 20 V-Ups OYO

On command, all PAX sprint to other sideline and back.

18 V-Ups OYO

Sprint to other sideline and back, twice.

Continue until all V-Ups are complete.

Finish with 10 x Double Sprints (over, back, over, back)

Line up on the street for an Indian Run back to the SF.

Once back, divide into two groups, one on each end of the parking lot. With PAX on their six, legs extended and heels 6in off the deck, one PAX runs to the other end, tags a new runner, and assumes the position. Once all have run a long sprint, the far end group sprints to the SF.




-Charities check presentation will be in the coming weeks, post to stay aware of details.

-Beach convergence to celebrate #TheYachtClub’s 2nd anniversary is May 25, 2019. It’s a great time to invite an FNG.


Many things…praises and supplications.


We have many brothers who are physically injured. While impossible to tailor a workout to everyone’s aches, today was an effort to lay off of the shoulders. YHC is constantly bombarded with a cacophony of inquiries about his core/ab regimen (i.e., “hey bro, how you so ripped?”). Today was a great time to share the secret sauce.

Speaking of secret sauce, we have a great thing here and it gets better every time someone new plugs in. Don’t make this your secret workout club, GIVE IT AWAY! When was the last time you invited someone?

As is most always the case, I was humbled this morning. It is an honor to get to lead a workout.

Squid, OUT


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