Nice Tattoo!

6-1-19 @ the Yacht Club.

74 Degrees and surprisingly low humidity.

On Deck:  Hard Hat (QIC) Spaulding, Spaghetti’o,  Hermanos, Bartman (Respect), Chum Bucket, JV, Minivan, Squid, Brutus, Schnitzel, Radar, Obeo (visitor), Singlet, Laettner.

Warm Up: 20 SSH, 10 TTT, 10 Arm Circles forward, 10 Arm Circles Reverse, 10 Air presses, 10 Hill Billies.

The Thang:  Mosey to the hidden stash of blocks and report to the grass field by the playground.  Workout of the day was a 10X10X10.  Consist of 10 exercises, 10 reps each for a total of 10 minutes.  You then run one mile at the 10 minute mark.  Once you return from the run you rinse and repeat.  Goal is 3 rounds.

  1. Hand Release Merkins
  2. Flutter Kicks X4
  3. Crab Reach
  4. Leg Lifts
  5. Derkins (feet on blocks)
  6. Big Boys
  7. Air Press X4
  8. In and Outs
  9. Squat Press with Blocks
  10. Groiners

Basically finished 2 1/2 rounds.  Some elected to run a 1/2 mile on round 3 and others choose two max sets of pull ups and a run around the park. Everybody was tired from giving their all!

Mary:  Forearm plank (30 seconds), regular plank (30 seconds), right arm up plank (30 seconds), left arm up plank (30 seconds).

Announcements:  JCB Mudfest run on June 15th.  Encouraged to sign up for a family friendly 5K or 5 mile mud run.  Encourage father/son or father/daughter teams.

Prayers:  Laettner’s mother rang the cancer free bell and Laettners wife is delivering their first child on the weekend of June 15th.  Obeo’s F3 brother has been diagnosed with cancer.  Unspoken!

Mumble Chatter:  Squid was not impressed with my “Med Cruise 98” tattoo.  Minivan said Brutus looked like a male model wearing his hat backwards and Budweiser tank top while doing his own warm ups and staring off into space.  Laettner is back to work off the baby weight.  JV is in charge of the henna tattoo booth during their monthly drill weekends.


Hard Hat Out!

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