Everybody Leads

Date: 6/8/19

QIC:  Buckeye

PAX:  Joker, Dabo, Swanson, Toothless, Buckeye – QIC

Conditions:  Humid with excellent cloud cover

Disclaimer: YHC is your Q, you know the drill.


-SSH x 25 IC,

-LAC Forward x 10 IC, LAC Backward x 10 IC, Air Press x 10 IC, Ray Lewis x 10 IC

-Copperhead Squat x 15 IC

-Windmill x 15 IC  #jokerpleaser, is he alright over there?

-ATMs x 10 x 10 x 10

-Mountain Climber x 15 IC

-TTT x 15 IC

-SSH x 25 IC

-PAX mosey the paved path to the benches for:

-Dip x 21 OYO  #foreshadowing

-PAX mosey across the field to link up with Toothless who has now joined the crowd after taking the long way around to the AO from his house.

-PAX mosey to the shovel flag and circle up for Super Duper 21.  Dabo makes a motion that the PAX take this show to the basketball court.  Joker seconds, Swanson doesn’t get a vote because he’s town staff, but democracy rules in this case and the PAX mosey to the basketball court for:


Super Duper 21

-PAX perform Super Duper 21 from 1 to 21 reps.  PAX perform all exercises together and go around the circle with each PAX leading the group

-YHC leads it of followed by Dabo, Swanson, Toothless and Joker, rinse and repeat around the circle until all reps are complete with a few 5 and 10 counts mixed in:

Reps 1-5:

-Diamond Merkin (single count), WWI Sit-up (single count), Jump Squat (on your own), SSH  (4-count in cadence)

Reps 6-10

-Crucible Merkin (single count), WWII Sit-up (singe count), Jump Squat (OYO), SSH (4-count in cadence)

Reps 11-15

-Wide Merkin (single count), WWII Sit-up (single count), Jump Squat (OYO), SSH (4-count in cadence)

PAX mosey around the AO and back to the basketball court to finish up:

Reps 16-21 and DONE!

-Regular Merkin (single count), Big-Boy Sit-up (single count), Jump Squat (OYO), SSH (4-count in cadence)


-Announcements, prayer requests, and Shout Out.  #TAP for the cadets involved in the training accident at West Point.


-Rep Count was solid:  231 Merkins, 231 sit-ups, 231 jump squats, 231 (4-count) SSH.

-Calling cadence when physically spent varied wildly by each PAX, but everybody led the group! Great work men.

-Swanson, our fine government employee, gave a quick reminder of things you can legally do when your 18 (smoke, vote, and join the USMC!) at rep 18.

-Swanson, again with no shortage of mumblechatter, at rep 19 let the PAX know that age 19 was his second-first year of college.

-21 Jump Squats OYO is now named 21 Jump Street at the MOB again courtesy of Swanson.

-Joker barely broke a sweat the entire workout, but the PAX weren’t convinced that was necessarily a good thing.  Buckeye, Toothless, and Dabo looked like they jumped in a pool.

-As always, an honor and pleasure to lead this group.

Buckeye Out

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