Run For a Reason

Date: 6/19/19

QIC:  Stones

PAX:  Ballcock, Minivan, Bartman, Meatgazer, Walk-off, Gold Digger, Judge Judy, Chumbucket, Nae Nae, Romo, Handy Manny, Static, Gambit, Buckeye, Harvey Updike, Gator Bait, Simpson, Boomer Sooner, Wet Wipes, Nanacy Drew, Musk, Radar, Gump, Sawed Off, Hermanos, Big Spur, Squealer, Peaches, Cockaboose, Compost, Sqaulding, Flat Tire, Swanson, Roker, Dwight, Cowbell, Buckner, Hardhat, Shingles, Hair Clog, Rachel Ray, Spaghetti-O,  Osama Bin Dabo, Stones (QIC)

Conditions:  77 degrees, Humid, No breeze

Disclaimer: YHC is not a professional, push yourself, push the man next to you, don’t cheat the reps, and don’t get hurt. Leave no man behind.


-Side Straddle Hop x 30 IC,

-TTT x 15 IC

-Arm Circles Forward x 10 IC

-Arm Circles Backward x 10 IC

-Mosey big track loop (0.33 miles)

Plank along track


Partner up with someone of a similar size

-1 round of partner carry to fence and back

1 round of wheel barrow to flag and back


-Partner 1 runs to fence and back

-Partner 2 does exercises.

In alternating fashion until all reps are complete.

50 Burpees

100 Big Boy Sit ups

200 Merkins

300 Air Squats

Catch me if you can (around big track loop), 10 v-ups when caught.


-Plank Jacks x 15 IC

-Tempo Merkin x 5 IC

-Chilly Jack x 15 IC

-Tempo Merkin X 5 IC

-Seal Jack x 15 IC

-Tempo Merkin x 5 IC

-American Hammer x 20 IC

-Flutters x 30 IC


Check presentation:

Introductions, Background of F3 Lowcountry, Speech

$12,000 check to each of the following organizations:

Backpack Buddies


The Deep Well Project

Family Promise of Beaufort County

Greener Grass

Young Life HHI/Bluffton



Announcements: July 4th 5K put on by Crossfit.  Show up if you’re in town!

Prayer: CAPA, Greener Grass, Family Promise, Backpack Buddies, Deep Well, Young Life


Three years ago, we made the decision to run for a reason.  Running 200 miles across the state of SC was not enough…we took the hard road and turned a normal running event in to an opportunity to raise money for our community.  It’s what we do….we see a need and we act on it.  I am so proud of every man in this group for the commitment to excellence that you all showed during this season of fundraising.  It is because of you that adolescent kids will hear the Gospel (some for the first time) at Young Life camp this summer in Colorado.  It is because of you that young kids will have food to eat when they leave school with backpacks full of food provided by Backpack Buddies.  It is because of you that a person struggling with addiction will get the help they need at Greener Grass.  It is because of you that homeless families will have the opportunity to get back on their feet with the assistance of Family Promise.  It is because of you that island families will get the emergency help that they need from The Deep Well Project.  It is because of you that kids in abusive homes will have a safe place to go at CAPA Open Arms Shelter.  Well done men.  It was an honor and a pleasure to lead you all.  #ISI #runforareason

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