Legs, day 2. Will there be a day 3???

PAX: Beater, Chumbucket, Cousin Eddie (Respect), EPO (Respect), Epstein, Hermanos, Klinger, Mini-Van, Moosejaw, NeNe, Singlet, Sir Mix-a-lot, Smog, Spaghettios, Weinstein, Bartman (QIC)

Conditions: 76, no breeze, typical lowcountry summer morning


SSH x 27 IC

Tempo Squats x 27

Mosey around Belks and Kroger to the parking garage

Air Presses x 27 IC

The Thang:

Broad Jump up short ramp, Bernie Sanders (run backwards) up long ramp, Karaoke the flats.  Repeat to the top.

Flutters or circle back for the 6.

Divided in 2 lines for Walk Like and Egyptian down to 3rd floor.

50 LBC’s OYO

Continue WLE to 2nd floor

Flutters x 27 IC

Continue WLE to 1st floor

Air Press x 27 IC

Mosey to pavilion

Lt. Dan to 10 squats and 40 reverse lunges

Mosey around park to flag



July 4th at the Yacht Club at 0630 with F3, Fia and 2.0’s

Q sheet is open, sign up.  If you haven’t led, co-Q with somebody.  Great way to get better.

Q Source, this Sat, 6:00-6:30, at the Starbucks in Kroger

Hydrate or die


Wisdom for Schnitzel and his wife

Thanks for the visitors and all the men

Safe travels for those traveling, especially kids heading off to camp


Tues and Thurs with shirtless visitors…you know who you are

Epstein is 4 for 4.  Way to represent!

Where was Spaulding?  Word is it was his 2 yr anniversary in F3.  Celebrated it in the fartsack?

As always, it’s great to work out with these men…I’m so thankful for the opportunity and try not to take it for granted.

Bartman, out!

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