6 Pack Abs

PAX: Brutus,  MiniVan(Q), Smog, Rooney (visitor), Natty(knoxville)
Conditions: 82 with a “real feel” of 89….Just a touch of humidity
Disclaimer: Untrained - push yourself, push the guy next to you
* SSH x 11
* TTT x 11
* IW x 11
* ACF x 11
* ACB x 11
The Thang: 6-pack ABS for beach day
* Mosey to BB court at island rec center
   * 11’s
      * BBSU 3-peat (1= BB twist right, BB center, BB twist left)
      * LBC’s
* Mosey to the Middle School
   * 11’s
      * Leg lift off curb
      * Toe touch (hold legs at 90 and curl up)
* Mosey to flag or at least where the flag would be if we had it
* Pickle pointers for 1 minute
* Pickle pounders for 1 minute
* Needle hold 30sesc
* Iron Cross 30sec
* Bob 30sec        
Announcements: F3/Fia at Shelter Cove July 4th 6:30
Prayers: Ambien (Father-in-law) Smog (moving a friend) MiniVan (moving daughter round 2)
Safety for all visitors and all those traveling
* PAX on vacation are impressive. What drives you to get up at 4:30am on vacation and work out with a bunch of strangers in 89 degree weather?
* Yoga mats might not have been a bad idea this morning
* Palmetto Hall must be on lockdown
* Brutus can only do 3 Pickle Pounders and he’s “done”

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