Jungle Workout!

7-22-2019 @ The Brig

79 Degrees and Humid.


ON Deck:  Hard Hat (QIC), Spaulding, Minivan, Radar, Schnitzel, Brutus, Back Draft (visiting from Cleveland).

Warm Up: 25 SSH, 10 Arm Circles forward, 10 Arm Circles Reverse, 10 Air presses, 10 TTT, 10 Hillbillies, 10 Imperial Walkers.

The Thang:  Mosey as a group to the high school pull up bars.  We did 20 rounds consisting of 3 pull ups, 20 merkins and 20 big boys.  Every round included 3 pull ups but we deducted one from merkins and big boys……  19,19,18,18,17,17.  We averaged 17 rounds and we would have finished except everybody was amazed on how the landscaping had turned into a jungle. Maybe a little embarrassed since we had a visitor.   Lots of mumble chatter!  I will admit a weed eater would be nice.

Mosey back to the AO to begin Mary.

Mary:  30 seconds of low plank, 30 seconds of high plank, 30 seconds of right arm up, 30 seconds of left arm up.  Spaulding counted flutter kicks but became upset when I cut him off from finishing.  I observed Radar with his feet on the ground so I wanted him to count a round of hello Dollies.

Announcements : Maybe a beach workout tomorrow?

Prayers! There were a bunch and they were sent.


Hard Hat out!

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