32 Light Poles

07/27/19 MOB Workout

PAX: Compost, Big Spur, Romo, Porky, Cockaboose, Boomer Sooner, Joker, Buckeye, Ballcock, Diapers (QIC)

Conditions 75 deg –with a decent breeze

Disclaimer: Workout at your own risk. Modify as needed, push the guy next to you

Warm-up (IC unless otherwise stated): SSH x 30, TTT x 15, HB x 20, Arm circles x 15 ea direction, Mosey to corner of Thomas Heyward and May River Road (many pax, as usual with a long run asked if they had accidentally showed up for run day again).

The Thang: 32 Street Lights

Pax starts at the Street Light on the corner with 5 Burpees and does the following exercises at each subsequent pole:

10 Big Boy Sit ups

15 Shoulder Taps

20 Squats

then repeat at every 5th pole until we get to Calhoun Street.  Turn down Calhoun Street and continue the exercises for each palmetto tree but add a lunge walk between trees all the way to Lawton.

32 Street Lights+ 8 Palms = 50 Burpees, 100 Big Boys, 150 Shoulder Taps, 200 Squats

Turn down Lawton street and mosey to the park.  Continue exercises while 2 men at a time hit the monkey bars for 5 pull ups each.  Complete 2 Cycles.

Burpee x 10, BB x 20, ST x 30, Squats x 40

Head to Corner of Boundary and Lawrence for 5 Burpees then Mosey back to the bridge for a Bear Crawl.

Mosey to Pritchard then Jail Break to the parking Lot – Mosey back to flag for Mary.


Plank up

Jingle Balls IC x 10, Left arm up IC x 10, JB X10, Right arm up x 10, JB x 10, Low Plank x 10, JB x 10



Announcements: Romo VQ Monday, QSource at 7:15 Corner Perk

Prayers: Romo move, Unspoken


Good workout – fun staying close and having the mumble chatter….5 at Corner Perk for QSource on Correction – Love and Courage are required.  We in the lowcountry region are blessed have both in our ranks and that is how we accelerate.  The more we submit to each other and call one another out in love, the better we all get!  Come do it again or for the first time in a while on Monday for Romo’s VQ!


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