Git Up Challenge


77 degrees and humid.

On Deck-  Hard Hat (Q), Brutus, JV, Go Daddy, Smog, Weinstein, Tramp Stamp,  Chumbucket.

warm up-  20 SSH, 10 TTT,  10 Forward arm circles, 10 Reverse arm circles, 10 Air presses,  stretch on your own.

Mosey-  We ran around the complex while doing an Indian Run.

Thang-  Deck of Cards:

Joker= Run a full lap

Ace= 10 burpees

Spade = Merkin

Club= Groiner

Heart= Big Boy

Diamond= Get Up

you know the drill!!!!!

moleskin=  we learned this morning that Go Daddy thinks the Get Up is stupid.  Chumbucket wished their were more men this morning.   Odd comment when surrounded by a handful of men.  We think we know what he means?

Prayers-  Smog family issues and Brutus’s Aunt on his wife’s side is battling breast cancer.

Announcements-  None

small group this morning but all men pushed it.  Everybody present was completely wet so I guess it was a success.

Hard Hat our!




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