New Places and Smiling Faces

8-14-19 @ the Brig.

Weather – HUMID!

On Deck – Hard Hat (Q), Spaulding, Musk, Brutus, Minivan, Bartman.

Warm up: 20 SSH, 15 Hill Billies, 15 TTT, calve stretches for Musk.

The Thang:  We took off for a little mosey around the Brig and I introduced the pax to some uncharted territory within the Brig’s property lines.  I think everyone was pleasantly surprised.  While venturing out Musk pulled up with a calve injury and unfortunately he might be down for a while!  While venturing around the Brig the first stop consisted of 15 in/outs.  The second stop consisted of 15 leg lifts,  the third stop consisted of 15 right elbow/left knee and 15 left elbow/right knee.  The forth stop consisted of 15 LBC’s and the fifth and final stop consisted of 30 flutter kicks counted by Bartman because the Q was out of breath.  As we returned to the A/O we jumped into 100 yard sprints with 50 yards of walking (rinse and repeat for 7 minutes).  The pax’s were officially worn out.  A little running while working on our wash board abs. Total of 3.5 miles.

Mary-  Why bother.

Announcements –  2nd F happy hour 8-15-19 @ North end Crazy Crab 5:00. HHI and Bluffton will attend.

Prayers- Minivans news (can’t discuss until next week)!  Musk’s family member and Dr. V!

Mole Skin-  Musk did pull up with an injury and you know its serious because he does not like to miss a run.  The pax gave mad props to musk because he remained at the AO until we returned.  He could have easily went home and started ice therapy.  Instead he probably did 500 squats and big boys and hung out for the circle of trust.


Hard Hat out.

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