2 + 2 + 2 = 6

PAX: Chumbucket, Mini-Van, Schnitzel, Spaulding, Bartman (QIC)

Conditions: Warm, a little breeze…didn’t matter, we were in a parking garage.

Disclaimer:  Push yourself and each other.


SSH x 25

AC’s x 15 (both ways)

Air Press x 30

Mosey to new parking garage

The Thang:

First floor of P.G.  11’s with American Hammers, 4ct, and Prone Jumping Jacks, 4ct.  Run from 1st floor to 2nd floor and back between exercise.  Once completed, mosey to 2nd floor.

Second floor of P.G.  11’s with In/Outs, 2ct, and Merkins.  Run half way to 3rd floor and back between excersises.

Walk to 1st floor and mosey back to the flag.



Mini-Van with the Q tomorrow at TYC at 6:30 (gonna be tough going back to 5:15)


For those in the Bahamas, quick aid relief and recovery

All those traveling due to Dorian and those staying

Employees that have been affected by the close of businesses


Wanted to try out a workout in the new parking garage…it didn’t disappoint.

PAX logged 6 miles, +/-, with approximately 2 miles on flat terrain, 2 miles going up and 2 miles going down.

In addition we knocked out 55 American Hammers, 55 Prone Jumping Jacks, 55 In/Outs and 55 Merkins

Schnitzel wore his running shoes today, think he’s a HC for the P200.  Way to go!

Until next time, Bartman Out.


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