PAX: Buckeye, Jack Sparrow, Joker (Respect), Baby Ruth, Adidas, Sawed Off, Rachel Ray, Peaches & Swanson

CONDITIONS: 75, a little humid, and oh yeah – a Cat 2 Hurricane is finally approaching.

DISCLAIMER: provided and a statement that I’m not a professional trainer nor a meteorologist but I still try.

THE THANG: As an employee of the Town of Bluffton, I felt it was my duty to make sure that all of the Town owned properties in Old Town were secured prior to the storm.

1st Stop – Town Hall – warm up (I.C.) SSH x 20, TTT x 10, Arm Circles x 15

2nd Stop – 184 Bluffton Road (new parking lot under construction)

D – Lt. Dan x 5

3rd Stop – Police Substation/Watershed Management

O –  Ollie Norths – partner up, carry PAX over the shoulder across the street half way and switch

4th Stop – Oyster Factory Park

R – Ranger Merkins x 10 each arm

5th Stop – Wright Family Park

I – Imperial Squat Walker x 10

6th Stop – 68 Boundary Street Park

A – Alligator Merkin (from the 1st cat eye to the next cat eye which was missing) (fail)

7th Stop – Dubois Park

N – Nipple Scraper Merkin x 5 (fail)

Mosey back to the flag.

4 minutes of MARY


ANNOUNCEMENTS: Consider donating for relief efforts for the Bahamas 🇧🇸see Emerson’s post.

Discussion about next year creating an international fundraising effort for disasters like this.

PRAYER REQUEST: Everyone in the path of the hurricane, safe travels for all evacuating and safety for all staying.


The parking lot at the MOB looked like a used boat auction sale, there were hardly enough spaces to park.

Lt. Dans was an awful idea, who ever came up with it should be shot.

Sawed Off was whispering some raunchy stuff this morning.

Some of the exercises this morning didn’t make sense (Q fail).

Good push by all.

Stay safe – Swanson out

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