Dorian and BLIMPS

9/14/19 at the Yacht Club HHI

Pax on deck: Hermanos, Nae Nae, Spaghetti-O, JV, Radar, Stats (Visitor, respect), Brutus, Schnitzel (1/2), Ambien (QIC)

Conditions: 77 degrees, muggy, cloudy. Clear sky



5 burpees

10 TTT

Short mosey to stage to punch Dorian in the face:

D – Dips 30 IC

O – Overhead claps 30 IC

R – Reverse Lunges 30 IC

I – Imperial Squat Walker 20 IC

A – Alternating shoulder taps 30 IC

N – No Surrender Squats 20 IC

Short mosey down center of Shelter Cove to stop sign by WOB:  Stop and do 5 burpees

Short mosey to parking lot by Water Walk apartments:  Stop and do 5 burpees

Mosey to Veteran’s park

The Thang:

Hindenburg BLIMPS, each circuit has 3 corners of each exercise:

Circuit 1: 10 Burpees at each station

Circuit 2: 20 lunges at each station

Circuit 3: 30 imperial walkers at each station

Circuit 4: 40 merkins at each station

Circuit 5: 50 plank jacks at each station

Circuit 6: 60 squats at at each station

Mosey to Circle:

5 burpees (makes a total of 50!)

50 flutter kicks



Announcements:  Start training for the Buffalo Run. T-shirt order coming soon for The Brig.

Prayers:  Musk, Hermanos’ Niece, Pax traveling this week.

Moleskin: The Pax struggled mightily with new exercises Imperial Squat walker and No Surrender squats. Apparently, rhythm and moves are not second nature to these men. Kudos to Hermanos for completing a 6 for 6 this week. Brutus was WAY early today AND came with one shoe on. Glad to see he is making progress.  Schnitzel out halfway through workout and on his way to Traffic School:  apparently going 30 mph over the speed limit is frowned on in Mississippi.  Who knew!

Good push men!

Ambien out!

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