Meter’s 43

Date: 9/21/19

QIC:  Buckeye

PAX:  Jack Sparrow, Urkel, Joker, Big Spur, Ball Cock, Buckeye – 6 PAX

Conditions:  Fall temps are in the air

Disclaimer: Don’t get hurt.


-Slow mosey over to Dubois Park where blocks have been pre-staged.  Each PAX grabs a block and circles up in the park for a quick demo of each exercise for Meter’s 43.


Week 3 IronPAX Challenge – “Meter’s 43”

-Accumulated reps for 43 minutes.  Each round is 100 reps, rinse and repeat until time expires.  Keep track of your completed rounds on your block with your favorite colored sidewalk chalk.

-Pull-up x 10

-Burpee Block Jump x 15

-Block Curl x 20

-Block Squat Thruster x 25

-Gas Pump (reverse crunches) x 30

-Round and round the PAX go until time expires.

-Slow mosey back to the shovel flag and DONE!



-Week 3 challenge was tough and the burpee block jumps and thrusters were crushing but the Week 2 beat-down still takes the cake.

-Rep counts from the PAX ranged from 420 reps to 625 reps.

-Another week where Everybody finished and EVERYBODY got better.

-T-Claps to Urkel for going 6 for 6 and finishing the week strong completing the Week 3 challenge.

-YHC enjoyed some pull-ups in the routine this week.

-This challenge has been a true test and have pushed PAX beyond their limits.  One more week to go.  #finishstrong

-As always, an honor and pleasure to lead.

Buckeye Out

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