Sugar’s Pick Your Poison

Date: 9/28/19

QIC:  Buckeye

PAX:  Peaches, Compost, Porky, Big Spur, Ball Cock, Buckeye – 6 PAX

Conditions:  Heat and Humidity is back

Disclaimer: This is the last week of the IronPAX challenge, you are finishing this challenge up at your own risk.

5 PAX made their way to the AO for the final IronPAX challenge WO for 2019.  A single PAX was already at the AO GETTING AFTER IT with his F3 shirt on backwards running suicides on the basketball court 30 minutes into his own WO.  Apparently this PAX did not get the memo about the Saturday time change.


-5 of the 6 PAX mosey over to the block pile and each PAX grabs one concrete masonry unit and heads over to the bus loop for…


Week 4 IronPAX Challenge – “Sugar’s Pick Your Poison”

-Three Rounds for time of the following:

-100 cumulative Merkins and/or Air Squats

-200 yard block run

-100 cumulative Block Swings and/or Bonnie Blairs (jumping lunges)

-200 yard block run

-100 cumulative Block Thrusters and/or Walking Lunges

-200 yard block run and that is 1 round.

-Rinse and Repeat for round 2.

-About this time the early bird PAX joins the group and jumps in.

-Rinse and Repeat for round 3.

-PAX pickup the 6 and finish with 1 round of ring of fire merkins and squats and run once around the bus loop without the block (felt like the PAX were floating) and DONE!



-Week 4 challenge was again brutal, but picking your own “poison” was a welcomed change.  Legs are destroyed.

-Times ranged from 44 minutes 17 seconds to 49 minutes 22 seconds and one DNF during the 60 minute time limit.

-Rep count for the PAX were 900 total reps of Merkins, Squats, Block Swings, Bonnie Blairs, Thursters and Walking Lunges and 1,800 yards or 1.022727 miles of running with the dang block.

-Another week where Everybody finished and EVERYBODY got better.

-T-Claps to Porky for getting a 90 minute Saturday morning WO in.

-T-Claps to Stones for having the ability to influence his fellow PAX to sign up for the IronPAX challenge and leading Week 0.   This was the last time the #MOB saw Stones during the IronPAX challenge so while the PAX were getting their butts kicked during the final WO a motion was made to change F3 Stones name to F3 Weak Zero.  When times get challenging and you are being pushed to your limit a little humor will help get you through.

-The IronPAX challenge has been a real test of one’s mental and physical fortitude.  All who participated are better for it.  Keep pushing the rock gentlemen.

Buckeye Out

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