Victory Laps

10.15.2019 @ The Buck

PAX: Ollie, Joker, Coach K, Cowbell, Wet Wipes, Handy Manny, Ballcock, Harbaugh!-QIC

Conditions: 73 with a chance of rain

Disclaimer: Not a trained professional, work at your own risk, and push the man next to you

Warmups: Harbaugh! rolls in at 5:15 on the dot





Mosey to the track

The Thang:

Victory laps around the track to celebrate no rain and Gamecocks upset of UGA

Start at the mid point between turns 1 & 2 with 40 merkins

Run 1/4 of track and stop for 40 Big Boys

Run 1/4 of track and stop for 40 lunges (20 each leg)

Run 1/4 of track ans stop for 40 plank jacks

Run to starting point rinse and repeat but instead of 40 of each exercise we do 30 until we complete four laps around the track decreasing exercise count by 10 each time

Those who finished first took a nice mosey around the track to pick up the six and help complete the thang.

Everyone took a J for Jesus lap around track and headed back to pad.


20 Air Humpers IC

2 minutes of super hero planks


Shout out to Shocker who showed up promptly at 615am and thought everyone leaving was measuring a distance for the upcoming workout only to be shocked when Wet Wipes informed him he was in fact late and everyone was simply going home. The look on his face was PRICELESS!!

Announcements: Sign up for P200 and dates for fundraising events. Also sign up for Q as the schedule looks empty for the Buck.

Prayer: For coach who died a few days ago who left behind a young family and his youth football team he coached. For myself who is seeking some answers for some pain in my side and elevated white blood cell count.

Moleskin: Lots of mumblechatter about college football and how impressive Ohio State looks this year and how NFL teams that tank a season for a draft pick should not be criticized.

Thanks for allow me to lead and get back into the groove at #thebuck

Harbaugh! out

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