Fo Drizzle

Date: 10/19/19

QIC:  Buckeye

PAX:  Peaches, Big Spur, Scrappy, Dabo, Joker, Buckeye – 6 PAX

Conditions:  Drizzle with what appears to be several carnies in the parking lot.

Disclaimer: YHC is not paid, trained, and lacks skill, you are exercising at your own risk.

The 3rd Core Principle has been in full effect at the #MOB this week with rain in the gloom on Monday and Wednesday.  YHC showed up this morning fully expecting gale forces winds and heavy rain but instead we got drizzle.


-SSH x 30 IC

-Tempo Merkin x 10 IC

-Seal Jack x 20 IC

-Imperial Walker x 20 IC

-Copperhead Squat x 10 IC

-Thru the Tunnel or TTT x 20 IC


Mosey over to Dubois Park avoiding all the town’s streets that are on lock down.  Dabo performs his civic duty by helping a confused driver through a traffic “barrier”.

The Escalator – Round 1:

  • 10 x 4x4s (standing down to 4 merkins followed by 4 mountain climbers and burpee back up is 1)
  • 20 x Pull-ups
  • 30 x Tarantulas (Jumping lunge left leg, jumping lunge right leg to a jump squat is 1.) #feeltheBURN
  • 40 x Mountain Climbers (2 is 1)
  • 50 x Gas Pumps (ab exercise on your six, laying on our back with legs extended and bring knees to nipples)

-PAX finish with 2 pull-ups by each PAX.  PAX grab some quick H20 and plank up while one PAX, not named Peaches, uses the facilities for an extended duration.

PAX mosey back over to MC Riley for a stop at the Block Pile.

The Escalator – Round 2:

  • 10 x Block Burpees
  • 20 x Block Swings
  • 30 x Block Merkins
  • 40 x Block Thrusters
  • 50 x Block Curls

-PAX finish with 1 block burpee, 1 block swing, 1 block merkin, 1 block thruster, and 1 block curl and then put the blocks back on the pile.

PAX mosey over to the pre-positioned cones that are spread out every 10 yards for 50 yards.  Joker departs to get one of his many 2.0s to work.

The Escalator – Round 3:

  • 10 yard burpee broad jump and All You Got Sprint (AYG) back to the start line
  • 20 yard broad jump and AYG back to the start line
  • 30 yard crawl bear back and AYG back to the start line
  • 40 yard crab walk or bear crawl and AYG back to the start line
  • 50 yard crab walk or bear crawl and AYG back to the start line

-PAX finish it with 10 yard burpee broad jump, 10 yard broad jump, 10 yard crawl bear back, 10 yard crab walk, 10 yard bear crawl and 50 AYG back to the start line.  10 count please.

5 MOM:

-Seal Jack x 20 IC

-V-Up x 20 OYO

-Hold Superman x 10 IC, Spiderman x 10 IC, IronMan x 10 IC

-V-Up x 20 OYO

-Seal Jack x 10 IC

-V-Up x 20 OYO and DONE!



-Why does Snoop Dogg carry an umbrella?  Fo Drizzle!

-Blocks are GOOD!

-Great to have Scrappy back among the ranks.  Dude crushed some bear crawls.

-Some definite flashbacks of the IronPAX challenge during this WO.  Great work this morning by all the PAX!

Buckeye Out

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