Anchor Blast

Conditions: nice – 65ish

AO – the Anchor

Pax – 10 Conroy, Pocket Pool, Good Hands, Baby Shoes, Crack, Mountaineer, Ready Mix, Brown Down, Pepe, and Krispy Kreme


warmup 4 ct IC

SSH 24, IW 24, TTT 12, air chair LBAC x 12fwd, 12bwd, 12 raise roof, and 12 overhead claps

mosey you freedom circle and back

pick up rocks

– circle up rockagedon- all pax hold rock out straight facing outward – each pax runs around circle hitting rocks downward.
– catch me if you can – paired up – 1 runner other foes 5 Merkins to freedom circle and back. (Readymix decided to sprint – thanks)


rock a bye baby x 20 IC / fan favorite

over the edge Merkins x10 – one pax puts hands on chain, chain post or ground while partner lifts feet to chest level – 10 Merkins (baby shoes declared new favorite exercise and Q

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