The Traveling Salesman


73 degrees and still humid.

On Deck:  Hard Hat (Qic), Spaulding, Nae Nae, BartMan (respect), Spaghetti’o, Tramp Stamp, Singlet, Big Al, Ambien, Mini Van (respect), Lamont (respect).

Warmup: 10 TTT, 10 Arm Circles, 10 Air Presses, 10  Hill Billies, 10 Imperial Walkers, 10 SSH.

Pre Thang:  Hold the plank position while each man did 10 pull-ups.  Bart Man was tired and recommended 2 men do pull-ups at a time. I obliged.

The Thang: We took off into the darkness and stop one consisted of a ladder workout.  50 SSH, 40 air Squats, 30 merkins, 20 but ups, 10 burpees. We then took off into the darkness again and stopped for a total of 4 rounds of the above mentioned workout. We made it back to the shovel flag with no time to spare.

Announcements:  P200, Tutu run this weekend and  the Buffalo run.

Prayers and dismissal.

We enjoyed seeing Big Al back in the gloom and hopefully he will post a little more this winter since his travel schedule is slowing down for work.  This specific workout was designed for someone who travels a bunch for work.  Hotel room or hotel weight room.  I added the run for today.  They recommend doing the ladder twice and should only take about 20 minutes.

Hard Hat Out!

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