100th Post of the Year Q

Date: 10/31/19

Pax: Spaghetti-O, Chumbucket, Spaulding, NeNe, Lamont (respect), Goose (respect, respect), Radar, Go Daddy, JV, Big Al, Tramp Stamp, Bartman, Hard Hat, AmBOOen (QIC).

Weather conditions:  76 and sticky, on Halloween!


25 SSH

1 burpee

10 TTT

2 burpees

15 ISW (Imperial Squat Walkers)

3 burpees

15 AC (forward)

4 burpees

15 AC (backward)

5 burpees

Mosey between Belk and Jane’s Bistro. Stop in front of Jane’s for 5 quick burpees

Mosey around Kroger and end up at stage in Shelter Cove park

The Thang.

At the stage: 25 merkins and 25 lunge steps. Mosey to Gazebo and do the same. Mosey back to stage to rinse and repeat for a total of 100 merkins and 100 lunge steps.

Mosey to parking garage

Inside garage, on floors 1 and 3, do 25 squats and 25 bear crawl “steps.” On floors 2 & 4, do 5 burpees. Go up to top and back down for a total of 100 squats and 100 bear crawl steps. Oh, and 15 burpees mixed in. Plank up for the 6.

Since the Q didn’t plan time very well, stay in garage (original plan was to mosey to Veteran’s Park). This time, on floors 1 and 3 do 25 plank jacks and 25 V-ups, and 5 burpees on floors 2 and 4. Intention was to go to top and back down but Q had to call an audible on top floor and have pax return to flag due to poor time management.

Arrived at flag with a few seconds of overtime.


Announcements:  P200 signup, Buffalo Run, Nutcracker Run

Prayers:  Safety for all the Trick-or-Treaters and parents.  Illness among our ranks.


  • Today marked the 100th post for the Q in 2019.  I’m extremely grateful for all of you pushing me to come out here and get better.  I couldn’t do it without your support.
  • Why is it still so hot and humid at 5:15 am?
  • Tomorrow’s weather will be better.
  • Spaghetti-O had a hard time reading and pronouncing “AmBOOen”.  It’s pronounced just like it looks.

As always, it’s a pleasure leading this group.

AmBOOen, out.


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