Burpee Run

It was a cool morning on NOV 4 when 6 PAX came out for a YHC led burpee run.  Peaches came in from Bluffton and got exactly what he predicted.

PAX: Peaches, Radar, Hard Hat, Spalding, MiniVan

Q: Junior Varsity

We knocked out a quick warm-up of 25 SSH’s then started on a Mosey.  We ran a 1/4 Mile then stopped for 25 burpees.  We did this 4 times and ended at the Rec Center.  Once arriving at the Rec we found our way to the benches and table near the basketball courts.  11’s were on the docket for our next session.  Each PAX started with 10 Derkins and 1 Dip and went down and up the ladder.  The PAX did this in short time and we made our way back to the SF with plenty of time to spare.  Mary was eagerly awaiting us and we did 10 Merkins/AMRAP Big Boy Sit Ups EMOM for 5 Minutes.  Then we finished it all up with a Merkin Rev Pyramid.  9 Wide Grip, 8 Reg, 7 Close, 6 Wide, 5 Reg… to 1.

Great job Men!



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