Conditions:  Warm and breezy

PAX:  Ambien (respect), Big Al, Brutus, Chumbucket, Hermanos, Lamont (restpect), Mini-van (respect), NeNe, Singlet, Spaghetti-O, Spaulding, Sub-Prime, Transtamp, Bartman-QIC

Disclaimer:  Push yourself and the guy next to you for the next 45 min…modify if needed…not a trained professional in any way, shape or form.


  1. Ray Lewis x 10 IC
  2. AC’s (F+B) x 10 IC
  3. SSH x 10 IC


  1. IR to stairs
  2. HR Merkins + HR Burpees 11’s
  3. IR to bike racks by pavillion
  4. Pull-up + LBC 11’s
  5. Mosey to flag


  1. American Hammers


  1. P200 Fundraiser at Poseiden, Jan 25


  1. The Rader family in OH who just lost their 16 yr old son
  2. CJ (?), little guy who tore ACL this weekend.
  3. Unspoken


  1. Lamont is bringing it everyday…keep it up
  2. Brutus needs to check out the weather channel before getting dressed…was disrobing before the warm-up was over.
  3. Fun was had by all and round 2 of Bartman Q’s is tomorrow.

Bartman, OUT!

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