Interval training

Conditions:  Little cool with light breeze

PAX: Big Al, Hard Hat, Hermanos, Mini-Van (respect), Musk, NeNe, Radar, Spaulding, Bartman-QIC

Disclaimer:  Push yourself and the guy next to you to get the most out of the next 45min.  Modify if needed…I’m not a trained professional.


  1. IW x 20
  2. Squats x 20
  3. TTT x 10
  4. Slow mosey around parking lot

Thang:  Run .25mi x 8 at 5k pace with exercises below in between

  1. Merkins x 20
  2. Burpees x 10
  3. LBC’s x 50
  4. American Hammers x 20 IC
  5. V-ups x 20 OYO
  6. Flutters x 20 IC
  7. Burpees x 10
  8. Merkins x 20

Finish with slow lap to cool down


  1. American Hammers x 20 IC



  1. P200 Fundraiser at Poseiden…stay tuned
  2. Buffalo Run, runners needed for relay team(s) in Bluffton
  3. JV has the Q tomorrow…be ready for blocks…cold blocks


  1. Michael Perry
  2. Musks family
  3. Unspoken


  1. There was a chill in the air this morning…took a while to warm up.
  2. Hard Hat’s headache went away.
  3. Where’s Brutus?
  4. NeNe still isn’t sure how he got on the Ultra team?

Thanks for the push men…it’s an honor to lead and I get stronger every time.

Bartman, OUT

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