#22KILL- A VQ at #thebuck

11/14/19 BackBlast- Adidas #22KILL VQ

8 Pax: Urkel, Cowbell, Swanson, Shocker, Judge Judy, Wet Wipes, Buckeye, Adidas- VQIC

Today’s theme: Let’s Honor the 22 Veterans per day that take their own life through suicide and do better to be there for them. 

Conditions: 41, clear, light breeze. Apparently warm enough to go shirtless

Disclaimer: Not a trained professional

Warm- up: 

  1. SSH x 22 IC
  2. Imperial Walkers x 22 IC
  3. Mountain Climbers x 22 IC
  4. Baby arm circles x 22 IC

Mosey to pull up bars, max reps then grab sandbag

Mosey to tires, stopping ½ way for 22 dips on wall

Main Thang:

21’s except make it 22

21 merkins, then tire flip x 3. Run to wall for 1 squat. Run back to tire, flip x 3 to start. 

20 merkins, grab sandbag, walking lunge to wall, 2 squats. Walking lunge back to start. 

19 merkins, tire flip x 3. Run to wall for 3 squats. Run back to tire, flip x 3 to start. 

Repeat all the way to 1 merkin, 21 squats. 

Mosey back to pad. 


Ran out of time. Need to have better time management for next Q


  1. P200
  2. Buffalo Run
  3. Get involved with a Toys for Tots drive or something similar? 


Cowbells friend Micheal Perry who is pretty seriously injured from a fall out of deer stand. A GoFundMe is set up. Consider helping. 

Mumble chatter was pretty low during the Thang, all until someone thought we were going shirts vs skins. It is an honor and a pleasure to lead this great group of men!Great push by everyone. Please rate and review. 5 STARS or nothing. 

Adidas Pop!

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