Ring That Bell!


62 Degrees and misty at The Brig.

Pax:  Hard Hat (QIC), Mini Van, Musk, Bartman, Sharapova, Hermanos, Radar.

Warm up:  10 TTT, 10 Arm circles forward, 10 Arm circles reverse, 10 Air presses, 10 Imperial walkers, 10 Hillbillies, 10 SSH.

The Thang:  Mosey to the pull up bars and conduct 3 rounds of 5.  Plank while waiting your turn.  Mosey back to the AO for the WOD.

Five exercises which included; Hand release merkins, crab reach, merkins, groiners and big boys.  We started with 20 each and then ran 1 lap at a mosey pace.  the second lap was a jail break on the straightaways while walking the curves.  Rinse and repeat but reduce the reps by 5 each time.

Mary: Couple rounds of plank and Bartman was nice enough to lead some super hero’s for us.

Announcements: Buffalo Run, Jingle Jammy Run xmas eve 9:00 at Jarvis Creek.

Prayers: Holiday travel and the health of our pax.  A few men down with the bug going around.

Moleskin:  I made one of our new pax nervous this morning attempting to spot him during pull ups.I promise it slipped! Great to see Sharapova again this morning and I think he is hooked.  I kept trying for him to ring the bell (quit) but he is no quitter and I have known this from past experience on the racquetball court with him!  We kept waiting for Capt. Crunch but no luck this morning.

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