3 PAX for a little post Christmas block party!! Adidas, Chubby Bunny, & harbaugh! (QIC)

Conditions: 55 with a slight breeze and beautiful skies

Disclaimer: I am not a trained professional workout at your own risk and get better


31 SSH

31 Baby IC

31 Imperial Walkers

1/4 mile mosey

The Thang: Block Party

Grab your present from Santa and head over to the pad

Round 1: 31 curls run with block to other side of pad for 31 overhead presses

1/4 mile mosey

Round 2: 31 bench presses run to other side of pad for 31 LBC’s

mosey to wall for 31 second wall sits, 31 dips, 31 second wall sit, 31 step ups

mosey around parking lot back to pad

Round 3: 31 Single arm rows (16 dominate arm, 15 non dominate arm) run to other side for 31 BB sit ups

1/4 mile mosey

Round 4: 31 Squats run to other side with block 31 block tosses

1/4 mile mosey

Round 5: 31 double arm rows run to other side 31 merkins

1/4 mile mosey

put presents away and circle up

5 MOM:

31 flutter kicks

31 back scratchers

3 min 1 sec of planking

Announcements: P200 Kickoff Jan 25, Fit test convergence 1/11

Praying for Chubby Bunny and the rest of the men to stay focused and disciplined when it comes to maintaining our bodies.

31 reps for each exercise 0 Clemson fans showed up. #GOBUCKS #THEBUCK

This morning felt good to lead a fine group of men and get better when all I really wanted to do was raid the fridge and have Christmas dinner again at 330 this morning. Thanks for letting me lead and see everyone for run day tomorrow!!!harbaugh! out

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