• 1/21/2020
  • Weather: Still warm enough for BallCock to where shorts but cold enough for frostbite
  • PAX: harbaugh! (Q), Cable Guy (respect), Coach K, Wet Wipes, BallCock, Urkel, Chubby Bunny
  • WarmupImperial Walkers 25 IC
  • Little Baby Arm Circles various amounts IC
  • LBC 15 IC
  • TTT 10 IC
  • The ThangPick up presents from under Christmas Tree that no one seem to want to take down
  • Line up for 11’s ( curls and overhead presses) with our presents and a short mosey in between (many reported they couldn’t feel there fingers)
  • Return presents and mosey to the wall
  • Option A: 25 dips and 25 burpees Option B: 25 dips and 50 incline merkins
  • Wall Sits until 6 is done and add a 10 count
  • Mosey to bus loop benches
  • Option A: 25 dips and 25 burpees Option B: 25 dips and 50 big boy sit ups
  • Wall sits until 6 is done and add a 10 count
  • Mosey to the new set of tires. Each Pax selected there favorite tire and flipped it 5 times up the hill and 5 times down the hill
  • Mosey over to picnic tables
  • Option A: 50 step ups (25 each leg) and 25 burpees Option B: 50 step up (25 each leg) and 100 smurf jacks
  • Mosey over to rocks for 25 squats with our rocks and 25 rock lifts from ground to chest
  • Mosey into the darkness down the road and back to the wall
  • Option A: 25 burpees Option B: balls to wall until the Q said stop which was when the the other Pax completed the burpees
  • Jailbreak to the pad
  • Sorry Mary but we did not need you today
  • Announcements: P200 band party deadline for tickets Wednesday high noon, Sell some Butts
  • Prayer Request: Urkel’s family as they are seeking discernment on a car situation, Cable Guy for his daughter’s transfer paperwork to be completed so she can start at USCB today, Chubby Bunny’ s church back home, and for YHC to stay focused on what is next and not lose momentum in 2020
  • MoleskinsThe warmest place on your body is in your pants and sometimes you have to put your hands there.
  • Never put your fingers in hot water if you have frostbite
  • YHC really enjoys to incorporate presents and tires into his Q’s
  • Sometimes Options are needed so men can get better
  • Tclaps to Coach K for completing the 100 smurf jack challenge Buckeye will be proud
  • Tclaps to the men still completing the burpee challenge.
  • As always its an honor to get out and lead a great group of men!!

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