Mamba Mentality

Pax: harbaugh! (Q), Flea, Kiffin, Coach K, Ballcock, Coach K, Chubby Bunny, Urkel, YoYo Ma!, Cowbell, Cable Guy(respect), Crab Legs

Conditions: A great temperature to debate on what attire to wear

Disclaimer: Not a professional, push the man next to you, don’t be stupid


SSH x 24 IC

IW x 24 IC




Mosey to the wall for dips and wall sits

24 dips & 24 second wall sits x 3 rounds

Mosey back to pad

The Thang: The Mamba

Everyone Grabs a basketball (Brick) and gets on line

8 curls with basketball, defensive slide to the other line, 24 Bobby Hurley’s, backpedal to starting line. x 3 rounds

Rinse & Repeat with overhead presses instead of curls x 3 rounds

Rinse & Repeat with bench press instead of curls x 3 rounds

Mosey to a cross section of parking lot for 24 LBC’s

Mosey to another section for 24 more LBC’s

Mosey back to wall for 24 step ups (12 each leg)

Balls to the wall as long as possible

Mosey back to pad

Brick ring of fire (Pax hold brick away from body while 1 Pax run around the ring pushing the brick down until all Pax have ran the ring)

Return bricks


Dirty Dogs x 24 IC (12 each leg)

Back Scratchers x 24 IC


Announcements: Sell Swanson’s Butts, sign up to help cooks Swanson’s Butts

Prayers: Hopefully Wet Wipes passed his Kidney Stone before his flight if not for him to pass that thing, the Ware family with the passing of Amanda’s cousin and for her mom who is dealing with a mass they found


Ballcock is the Balls to the Wall Champion (sorry no trophy)

God promises a life and a life to the fullest but He does not tell us how long we have to live that life. I can’t imagine the feeling Kobe and the other parents who were on that helicopter with their children had as the helicopter was going down. But it has made me think about what life to the fullest looks like inside my home and community and if I am attacking it with a Mamba Mentality. While his life might of had some questionable speed bumps, his work ethic and relentlessness pursuit of being the best Kobe Bryant on and off the court made him successful and a man of influence. That is the Mamba Mentality and imagine if we took that mentality and implied it to leading our families and community how different the world around us would look.

It’s the one thing you can control. You are responsible for how people remember you—or don’t. So don’t take it lightly.” Kobe Bryant

Sorry not sorry for the long post

harbaugh! OUT

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